Bill Drew Memorial Soccer Fest - BFC Pints Barn 48+  Soccer (Outdoor) · Male Intermediate

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Registration Dates:
2012-11-16 – Mon Dec 31 23:59:59 EST 2012 early bird
Tue Jan 01 00:00:00 EST 2013 – 2013-04-20 regular
the Founding Fathers
Group Fees
Early Bird 30.0 per player
Regular 40.0 per player
Individual Fees
Early Bird 30.0
Regular 40.0



From the beginning of Ballyhoo FC, the Founding Fathers have been attending the Bill Drew Memorial Soccer Fest, hosted by the South Vancouver Island Classic Soccer Association. 

This year the event will be from April 12th to April 14th and will be run along the same lines as in past years.  The location will again be Topaz Park in Victoria, BC. There are 3 grass fields and one turf field and change rooms with showers. Of special note, they have a Beer Garden at the field – God Bless Canada!

 Your $40 team fee includes the tournament, a beer and a burger on Saturday, plus four practice games leading up to the tournament.  Practice games will be planned for over our Winter breaks in our leagues, as well as a couple of others in March 2013.  Also as added incentive, if you pre-pay by 12/31/2012 you get a BFC Member discount of $10, so your invoice is set to $30 to take advantage of the early payment opportunity.

This is a for-fun event, no prizes or pay-outs, and has been our traditional “Boy’s Spring Break”.  The selection of players is based on age, fit of the tournament format, and Spirit of Ballyhoo.   

Last year, BFC entered two teams, an O55 team, as well as an O48.  Ages are as of Dec. 31st. 2013.  The 55+ team was basically all the Founding Fathers (i.e. the really old guys) plus a couple of exception age players.  The age exception rules have changed, so in fairness, we are offering up the exception age slots to last year’s roster/attendees. 

 For the O48 team, we will be offering up the invites to all other members who are 48+, along with last year’s exception player who is still in not old enough.  The other two exception spots for the O48’s will be offered up to current and former Board Members and Captains in appreciation for their service to the club.

In both cases, this initial invite email is going out to a group based on who went last year, who has gone in the past, who makes the age criteria described above, and in the case of some, who have already stated an interest in attending the 2013 tournament.  There is a waiting list already created for both teams, so if you do not respond by 12/31/2012, we go to the waiting lists and open, you lose the discount, and you takes your chances.

 The tournament folks make every effort to schedule games to facilitate travel for the out of town teams (see registration form).  For planning purposes, teams wishing to plan or attend other functions Saturday evening may expect to finish their games no later than 5:00pm.  Guys normally travel over Friday mid-day to catch the 2 PM Black Ball Ferry, spend Friday night and then play early Saturday.  This year, visiting teams have the option to elect to play 4 or 3 games. The games will consist of two thirty minute halves.  Our intent is to enter for 4 games each team, but we will be flexible with the tournament organizers due to the challenges of scheduling around our travel.

 Extra time will not be allowed for ties.  As in the past, Soccerfest will be a fun event.  There are no prizes (unless you consider the beer a prize) and no playoffs.  They try to schedule you against teams of a similar skill level.  We enter BFC as Medium-Low as we try to keep in the spirit of the tournament – IT’s FOR FUN GAWD SAKES.  If you bitch at a team mate because he blew his marking assignment, it’s automatic that you buy him a beer directly after the match (handy that there is a beer tent there!).

this is a for-fun event, no prizes or pay-outs, and has been our traditional “Boy’s Spring Break”.  The selection of players is based on age, fit of the tournament format, and Spirit of Ballyhoo, and good standing in the club.   


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